Our $14.2 Million Dollar Verdict – Affirmed by Court of Appeals 9.30.2022

In March 2021 my co-counsel Brent Sumner and I secured a $14.2 Million dollar verdict for our clients injured from a motorcycle crash in Phelps County Missouri. It was the largest verdict in Phelps County Missouri history and the largest car crash verdict in all of Missouri for 2021.

Of course the insurance defense lawyers appealed claiming it was unfair. They asked the Court of Appeals the throw out the 14.2 million dollar verdict and order a new trial, a do over. A year and a half later on 9.30.2022, the Missouri Court of Appeals AFFIRMED the verdict.  OPINION – Affirmed 9.30.2022 The Court of Appeals UNANIMOUSLY rejected the insurance lawyers’ claims of  “error”, the legal reasons why the verdict should be tossed.

This is a wonderful victory for our clients. In addition to the verdict amount, we secured over a million dollars in interest and added it to the verdict during the appeal. Good personal injury and trial lawyers need to make sure that after a verdict the Court enters an order of interest to accrue until it is paid in full. Interest accrued the entire time our clients are waiting to get paid during  the appeal process. We made certain of it and the Court ordered interest to add to the judgment while it worked its way through the Court of appeals. Our clients have accrued over $1 MILLION in just interest on the the judgment during the appeal process.