Thanks for helping me go to college. I just wanted to say thanks for settling my case last year and let you know that I just started law school. I got a scholarship that covers all but $7,000 of my tuition each year. The settlement made it easier for me to move and afford everything else.

Thanks, Elizabeth

Our firm is proud to provide the best legal representation possible and to do so with compassion and caring of our clients. We are always touched when a client thanks us and affirms that we are doing a good job. I just finished out a case for Yolanda and she was so grateful for our representation that she wrote us a very nice thank you card pictured below stating “All I can say is that you have been a blessing, Thank you.”

All I can say is that you have been a blessing, Thank you! Yolanda Bold.

Mr. Sansone is a professional lawyer that will keep you abreast of every twist and turn. I have retained other attorneys over the years and Mr. Sansone ranks at the top.

About two years ago, I was seriously injured on the job. I was referred to Ben Sansone through a mutual friend and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my case. There were two different sides to my case, worker’s comp, and a liability case; there would have been no way I could have negotiated through the system for either one without Ben’s expertise. He has also handled a number of traffic tickets for me and whether its a major issue like a lawsuit or a simple speeding ticket he has always been friendly, informative, and most importantly very professional any time I’ve needed representation. I would strongly endorse Ben Sansone to anyone in need of an attorney.

I do not know to many attorneys that you can call at 9 pm on their cell phone and they answer it. I can also reach him by telephone or e-mail. I would highly recommend him as a lawyer to anyone I know.

Mr. Sansone is a very personable, caring, efficient attorney. He directed us through the process and protected us from a predatory company. We recommend him very highly. His office personnel were equally as helpful.

Mr. Sansone has not only helped me personally but has also helped many of my auto insurance clients with their injury and criminal cases. If you are looking for a solid lawyer, with proven results, Sansone is the man for the job.

Ben worked diligently on my bicycle accident case. He didn’t let anything slip through the cracks. My case ultimately settled out of court but Ben was willing to go the distance if needed. Ben informed me of all the options, told me the good and the bad of all possible outcomes, and i felt had the best interests of me and my family in mind.

Ben, I came to you at a time I did not see much of a future in my life. Without your expertise and determination that would still hold true. You found a way to get this lawsuit off the ground, ‘win, lose or draw’, I will forever remember and be grateful for everything you have done for Kelly and myself. I felt it necessary to let you know how highly we think of you. Thank You!

Before choosing Ben, I had meetings with 3 other lawyers. When we sat down to discuss my case for the first time (I was hit by an SUV while riding my bicycle), Ben walked me through how he would approach my case and what to expect. Not only was he the only lawyer I met with familiar with bicycle accidents, but he was the only lawyer interested in “talking” with me and addressing my questions rather than just getting me to sign a contract. He even met me at a coffee shop of my choosing.

Throughout my case, Ben was always available and answered all my questions promptly, honestly, and knowledgeably. After all was said and done, Ben ended up exceeding my expectations. During our final mediation, I recall the opposing lawyer shaking my hand and saying to me with a type of noble defeat, “just so you know, you got lucky. Ben is a d*** good lawyer”. I would recommend Ben to anyone.