Your legal representation was perfect …. perfect, thank you.

I was able to get my nursing license renewed and I have no criminal record; you are an awesome lawyer and thank you for going above and beyond to help me.

Just wanted to drop you a line to extend my thanks for the awesome job you did for me recently. I was hoping for the best but prepared for the worst and the final outcome was even more favorable than I had hoped for. Great to see there are still professionals out there who actually deliver. Thanks again.

I was hurt in a car accident on my way to a relative’s house in Pacific Missouri. I did not know what to do about the damage to my car, seeing a doctor, missing work, it was very stressful. My husband recommended Ben to me and I met with him and he really was helpful. Really explained the whole process and helped me with the insurance company, getting my car fixed, and making sure I did not have to worry about medical bills. I really liked that I could get a hold of him anytime, or if he couldn’t talk he would personally send me an email saying when he could call me or would give his cell phone # for evening calls. I have not worked with many lawyers in the past, but I was very happy with Ben.

Benjamin J. Sansone was very trustworthy and knowledgeable when it came to my case of a DUI charge in St. Louis City. He answered every question i had and devoted his personnel attention to me and my case. When it came to my busy schedule of working offshore and the demand of me being gone a lot, Ben went above and beyond to work around my schedule. I have worked with other lawyers in the past and it seemed to me all i was, was another case and another dollar. But with Ben he really goes to bat for you. And on top of all that we won my case. Thank you Ben.

I drove up on a car parked in the middle of the road and the driver was slumped over the steering wheel, I tried to help but when I was putting the car in park he woke up, got upset and peeled out. My arm got caught in the steering and he dragged me down the road while I was hanging out the window and then I was thrown from the car.

The police found the guy passed out from alcohol. Ben not only got me money for my injuries and lost wages, he also helped me with the prosecutor’s office when talking to them about the criminal charges against the driver. He explained the criminal process to me and gave me a lot of advice, even though he only represented me in the civil case.

He helped me pick out doctors and was very helpful throughout the entire process. I think he went above and beyond what I would expect a lawyer to do. He really cared about me and my case.

In court the judge asked me, ‘Mr. Tabor did your attorney fully explain your rights to you and do you feel that he adequately represented you?’ I responded: ‘Mr. Sansone’s representation has been perfect.

I fell at the Zoo and hurt my shoulder really bad, in fact I needed rotator cuff surgery. Ben was recommended to me through a friend and I was really happy with his work on my case. We had to file a lawsuit, but soon after we did the case settled for over $100,000, which was much more than I expected.

Ben was great, he always called me back or emailed me when I had questions. He was quicker to respond to emails than phone calls; but he would at least email me sometimes to say he got my voicemail and would call in a day or two because he was in court or something.

When the case settled I also had medical liens on my case, particularly from medicare, it slowed the settlement process down but Ben was able to work a deal out with medicare and save me a lot of money.

I was told from the beginning that slip and fall cases are tough, but I really think he cared about my questions and concerns and this guy really has a lot of pride to settle his cases for as much as possible. At one point the insurance guys offered $60,000; I was on the fence and Ben assured me that if we keep fighting he would get more, and a few months later he did.

He is not a – settle it fast lawyer – he is more of a take more time and get the best result rather than a quick turn around. I liked that. I will use him again if I ever need a good lawyer.

Katie M.

Ben – I just wanted to thank you for everything! EJ couldn’t have referred me to a better personal injury attorney. I’m so happy with our outcome. Thanks again!