Dangerous roads and construction is often a significant factor, if not the sole factor, contributing to many of today’s car accidents and truck accidents. The federal government through the US Department of Transportation and State and Local governments may be liable for personal injuries suffered as the result of a motor vehicle accident when defective road design was the cause or significantly contributed to the cause of the accident

Proper highway and road design requires that motorists have enough time to react and that the roadway design is not laid out in such a way as to confuse drivers or make the risk of an accident unreasonably high.  This will help avoid unnecessary car accidents and injuries.

Who is the Legally Liable Party for Dangerous Roads or Improper Safety Measures of State or Local Roads?

Local city government or state transportation agencies are required to and responsible for the safe and proper maintenance, design, and construction of the roadways.

Common Road Design Flaws in Missouri

  • Improper or no notification of a dangerous or unexpected road condition; oftentimes occurring in construction zones.
  • Improper or no notice of merging traffic.
  • Poorly marked or striped roadways.
  • Improper medians or barriers (i.e. inadequate cables or in place of concrete medians).
  • Defective traffic signals, stop signs, and other traffic signs.

These road design flaws are very common throughout Missouri and cause numerous car, truck, and bicycle accidents each year.