N. Richards, St Louis, MO

I fell at the Zoo and hurt my shoulder really bad, in fact I needed rotator cuff surgery. Ben was recommended to me through a friend and I was really happy with his work on my case. We had to file a lawsuit, but soon after we did the case settled for over $100,000, which was much more than I expected.

Ben was great, he always called me back or emailed me when I had questions. He was quicker to respond to emails than phone calls; but he would at least email me sometimes to say he got my voicemail and would call in a day or two because he was in court or something.

When the case settled I also had medical liens on my case, particularly from medicare, it slowed the settlement process down but Ben was able to work a deal out with medicare and save me a lot of money.

I was told from the beginning that slip and fall cases are tough, but I really think he cared about my questions and concerns and this guy really has a lot of pride to settle his cases for as much as possible. At one point the insurance guys offered $60,000; I was on the fence and Ben assured me that if we keep fighting he would get more, and a few months later he did.

He is not a – settle it fast lawyer – he is more of a take more time and get the best result rather than a quick turn around. I liked that. I will use him again if I ever need a good lawyer.