Mike Stasny, St Louis, Mo – Injured in a Bike Accident

Before choosing Ben, I had meetings with 3 other lawyers. When we sat down to discuss my case for the first time (I was hit by an SUV while riding my bicycle), Ben walked me through how he would approach my case and what to expect. Not only was he the only lawyer I met with familiar with bicycle accidents, but he was the only lawyer interested in “talking” with me and addressing my questions rather than just getting me to sign a contract. He even met me at a coffee shop of my choosing.

Throughout my case, Ben was always available and answered all my questions promptly, honestly, and knowledgeably. After all was said and done, Ben ended up exceeding my expectations. During our final mediation, I recall the opposing lawyer shaking my hand and saying to me with a type of noble defeat, “just so you know, you got lucky. Ben is a d*** good lawyer”. I would recommend Ben to anyone.