Stopped 2-Mile Creek E-Coli Water Pollution

Ben Sansone worked with several Des Peres residents concerned about water pollution in their neighborhood. Our group paid for the Washington University Isotope Laboratory scientists to walk 2-Mile Creek and test the water. Test results form Washington University stated:

  • “Highly elevated E Coli and total coliform content and abnormally low DO.”
  • Wash U Pollution Report – Watershed 2 Mile Creek  Two Mile Creek Watershed Analysis, Dr Hasenmueller.

After we received these test results, we forced MSD (without Des Peres city officials help) to fix the problem. MSD stopped the flow of pollutants from the nearby nursery and bird facility.

MSD agrees to fix:

  1. MSD received the Wash U Report.
  2. Discharge from the Exotic bird facility was the main factor in the study.
  3. MSD has connected the facility to a sanitary sewer system
  4. E-coli and pollutant levels will decrease

Our group accomplished what Des Peres City Officials refused to deal with. Des Peres citizens deserve City officials who will take action when necessary. Sansone has a proven track record of helping the citizens and his neighbors by donating his time and legal experience.

Vote Ben Sansone April 4.