St. Louis Felony Rape Charges Dismissed Day Before Trial

St. Louis trial attorneys, Ben Sansone and Gary Lauber, of Sansone & Lauber, have been fighting a St. Louis Missouri felony rape charge for the last 2 years. The case involved a wrongfully accused man who invited a girl he had been sexually active with for some time over to his house and they had intercourse. She did not resist and never said no. However, that did not stop her from reporting it as a rape to her doctor the next day and then reporting it as a rape to the police about 30 days later. An overzealous police officer ignored the objective evidence and arrested our client based solely on the female’s story; which does not make sense.

Persistent legal work, by St. Louis criminal lawyers getting this case ready for trial, lead to a last minute dismissal by the prosecuting attorney’s office. We grilled all of the state’s witnesses and each and every one of them had to admit that she was not raped and that there was no sign of violence, forced entry, or resistance. The alleged victim even admitted she never said no or stop.

In the end, this was a case of a woman who wanted more than a casual sexual relationship and when the Defendant did not want to commit she claimed rape.

Our client, a family man with no criminal history, took a major breath of relief when we recently informed him of the news. St. Louis defense lawyer Gary Lauber and I were both relieved that the charges were dropped. Despite being 100% confident we would win this case in front of a jury, there is always that small chance an innocent man could end up going to jail, an outcome I would not have been able to accept.