St. Louis County DWI Refusal Case Won On Appeal: Police Officer Found Not Credible.

Our Missouri criminal law firm was retained by a man charged with DWI in North St. Louis County. Our client was pulled over because of a false report that the car he was driving was stolen. The client was surrounded by numerous police officers from three different police departments.

The client was taken from the car by the police at gun point and placed in handcuffs in the police car without any evidence of the St. Louis DWI defendant drinking. The police arrested him for DWI and claimed that he refused to take the breath test. The client was not informed of his Miranda rights or his Missouri Implied consent rights. It is my opinion that the officer abused his power and decided to arrest the client without any basis. The whole arrest was recorded on the police officer’s dash camera. The client was given a notice of refusal to take the breathalyzer which in Missouri means the client could lose his driving license for 1 year.

Our firm represented the client on the Petition for Review of his loss of driver’s license. On appeal our firm argued that the police officer lied and we used the video of the arrest to show that the officer lied in his police report. The court agreed and found that the police officer was not credible and ordered the Department of Revenue to reinstate the client’s full driving privileges.