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If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in St. Louis, you have likely sustained costly injuries and are in need of compensation.

Unfortunately, it can be EXCEEDINGLY difficult to get compensated after a motorcycle accident. You can opt to pursue a claim on your own, but many motorcycle accident victims find that they need to hire a personal injury attorney.

Why You Might Need an Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents

Without legal representation, you could lose out on money that you deserve.

The legal process is filled with confusing jargon and frustrating paperwork that can make your head spin.

On top of all that, insurance companies have teams of aggressive lawyers standing by to settle their cases for cheap. It is easy to feel outnumbered.

We respect bikers, and we stand up for our clients.

With your medical bills and lost wages piling up, we will work to get you the MAXIMUM amount of money that you deserve for you motorcycle injury.

At Sansone & Lauber in St. Louis, we have OVER 2 DECADES of experience dealing with the tactics insurance companies’ use to make you settle for cheap.

We generally tell all of our clients to remember these few tips:

Don’t sign anything – Signing something could endanger your chance to recover money for your injuries. Consult an attorney before signing anything.

Don’t let them record you – The insurance company will tell you it’s for “accuracy purposes,” but they will use it against you later. Just say, “No.” It is your legal right.

Don’t hesitate – In motorcycle accident cases, evidence can disappear quickly and make your case harder to prove. Do not wait any longer. Call us today.

We will not let bullheaded insurance companies push you around. Our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys will fight for your legal rights, and we will get you the money you deserve.

What Can a Lawyer Do for a Motorcycle Accident Case?st louis motorcycle accident attorney

If you call us today, we will review your case for FREE.

We will discuss your best options for compensation, and we will answer any legal questions you may have.

There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO obligation to use our services after your free consultation.

If you decide to hire our attorneys, we will immediately begin building your case by:

-Sending investigators to your accident scene

-Determining the cause of the accident

-Documenting and gathering evidence

-Standing up to pushy insurance companies

-Dealing with the hassle of complex paperwork

We are committed to our clients. We will cover all the upfront costs, and you will not pay us a cent until we win your case.

Here are some more things you should consider in deciding whether to get an attorney for your motorcycle accident injuries:

Challenges In A Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim

Trying to obtain payments from the at-fault driver’s insurance company can be unexpectedly challenging. Insurance companies are known to use “delay, deny, and defend” tactics which could leave you with much less than the compensation you need and deserve.

The insurer may pressure you to accept a low-ball settlement offer, or prolong the case so that you grow desperate and become more likely to settle. They may assert that your injuries are not that serious, use your own words to devalue your claim, or argue that the injuries were not caused by the motorcycle crash.

In real-world injury claim cases, insurance companies are less likely to be dismissive if you have a lawyer on your side. This signals that you are serious about your injury claim.

More than that, your attorney levels the playing field by protecting you from being taken advantage of, and helping you negotiate opposite experienced insurance representatives.

Establishing Fault In A Motorcycle Crashmotorcycle accident attorney

Missouri is a “fault state” or a “fault-based state,” which means that the party who caused the accident is responsible for paying your losses. Hence, establishing the other party’s liability is crucial for compensation.

It takes a knowledgeable and sharp attorney to show accident liability. Your motorcycle accident lawyer should help you establish the other party’s fault by promptly collecting evidence, crafting strategic arguments, and using legal resources to back your case.

Bias Against Motorcyclists

If you were the motorcycle rider in the accident, one of the biggest obstacles you will encounter is the unfavorable image of motorcyclists.

It is common for car drivers and other individuals to assume that motorcycle riders are less responsible motorists.

Sometimes, even police officers, insurance adjusters, and jury members hold this bias, consciously or not. This bias makes it more difficult for motorcyclists to claim their rightful compensation after an accident.

As a motorcyclist, it is paramount for you to obey traffic rules and follow riding safety guidelines. But many cases have shown us that those may not be enough to protect you when you are pursuing an injury claim.

You will want a lawyer to assert your rights and present a compelling argument on your behalf.

Speak With Experienced St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Right Nowmotorcycle accident lawyer

At Sansone & Lauber, our St Louis motorcycle accident attorneys are experienced, professional, and tough enough to stand up to insurance companies that want you to settle for as little as possible.

Our law firm has made a successful reputation by winning money for our injured clients over and over again! We are here to FIGHT for the MAXIMUM compensation that you are entitled to.

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