Possession With Intent To Distribute A Controlled Substance Felony Amended To Misdemeanor

The Sansone & Lauber represented a man charged with Possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute. The client was stopped by police and the police smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The client was questioned and he admitted having drugs in his possession. The police then proceed to search the vehicle and found marijuana in a closed container inside of a backpack. The Marijuana was sealed in four separate bags. The officer proceeded to question the client and the client made some incriminating statements. The Client was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Distribute.

Attorney, Gary J. Lauber, of the Sansone & Lauber law firm argued that the search was questionable and that the client had no intention of selling the drugs. The state agreed and the Felony case was amended to a Misdemeanor with a small fine.

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