Using Police Video Of Arrest To Obtain Dismissal Of Missouri One Year Revocation For Refusal To Take Breath Test

Jefferson County DWI Lawyer, Gary J. Lauber, represented a Jeff Co drunk driving Defendant, Nick D., for his DWI refusal case. In Missouri, refusing to take a breath test can result in a 1 year license revocation, it is important to hire a lawyer experienced in fighting license suspension cases. Nick D. hired the right defense lawyer, his license revocation was dismissed, resulting in no lost driving time and no affect on insurance or his driving record.

Nick was pulled over after leaving a bar in Jefferson County and then running a red light. The Police asked the client to take part in three field sobriety tests. He took the Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn and one Legged Stand Test. The Missouri standardized field sobriety tests were done on the side of the road and were recorded by the Police on their police vehicle dash video camera.

St. Louis Drunk driving defense lawyer, Gary J. Lauber, was successful in arguing that the driver passed the field sobriety tests and that the police did not have probable cause to have him take the breathalyzer. The Jefferson County Prosecuting attorney confessed the Refusal and restored Nick’s full driving privileges.

If you have been pulled over in Jefferson County for a DWI then you need to contact Sansone &  Lauber, experienced Jefferson County DWI Lawyers.