Missouri Meth Making Lands Man Behind Bars

A St. Louis alderwoman has begun pushing a new law which will require that people get a prescription for cold and allergy pills containing pseudoephedrine, a decongestant commonly used to make methamphetamine.

Democrat Jennifer Florida has said that a recent discovery of two meth labs in her district prompted her concern. While these labs are typically found only in rural areas, the city of St. Louis increasingly is facing problems associated with meth manufacturing. Florida co-sponsored a similar measure back in 2010 but it never even received hearing. Now, times have changed and approximately 70 Missouri communities currently require prescriptions for pseudoephedrine products. Despite this movement, state lawmakers have so far failed to pass a statewide prescription-only law.

The issue of increased meth lab activity was highlighted recently after two fires occurred in Franklin County, Missouri. The fires happened at the end of last month and were the result of meth labs. One fire erupted at a motel in Stanton, forcing the entire complex to be evacuated. The lab was tiny, consisting only of one pot found in a freezer in the room. One man connected with the lab was arresting but charges have not yet been filed. Only a week later a fire ripped through a vacant home in Labadie, Missouri and investigators later discovered a one-pot meth lab that was deemed responsible.

As other street drugs become harder to get, homemade small meth labs are springing up across Missouri and police are anticipating increased meth raids in the future. If the men involved in the recent incidents have no yet retained an experienced criminal defense attorney, they need to do so immediately. The charges against them are very serious and the penalties they will now be facing are severe. Their defense should not be left in the hands of inexperienced attorneys, but instead the capable hands of skilled criminal defense professionals.

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Source: “St. Louis alderwoman wants anti-meth law,” by The Associated Press, published at SacBee.com.