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For years, gastric bypass procedures were the fastest growing medical procedures performed. The number of procedures performed between 2000 and 2005 grew exponentially, and there does not appear to be a drop off in sight. Unfortunately the risks after gastric bypass surgery mean that this is a very dangerous procedure and too often leads to gastric bypass malpractice.

Gastric Bypass Complications Too Common

With an explosive growth in demand many unqualified hospital’s and doctors set up fly by night gastric bypass programs as the profits from this surgery for the doctor and the hospital sponsored program are huge. Unavoidably, the number of qualified surgeons cannot keep up with the demand for this surgery and hospitals are profiteering on this infinitely expanding market by launching regional seminars and advertising campaigns for their weight loss centers promoting their ability to do this surgery when in reality they are often using inexperienced surgeons, staff, and program directors due to the influx of demand and irresistible profit margins. Hospitals earn well over 2 billion dollars a year in the United States from Gastric Bypass procedures.

Gastric Bypass Complications

Gastric Bypass Surgery is technically challenging and, according to a Stanford University study, only about 200 qualified surgeons perform 80% of all gastric bypass procedures. Although laparoscopic (less invasive) procedures have become more common recently, most Gastric Bypass surgeries are still performed as open procedures since they are easier for the less experienced surgeon. Along with being technically challenging, the surgery is also risky for less-experienced surgeons. The primary concern for surgeons is the possibility of having post-operative leakage.

Gastric Bypass Risks, Leakage is Fatal in a Third of Cases

Post operative leakage occurs in 4% of all patients and that one in three cases of leakage result in death. Leaks usually become apparent within twelve hours of surgery, and if detected can be repaired. However, inexperienced surgeons and hospital staff fail to recognize and properly treat these post operative leaks and that is where the majority of the malpractice that leads to serious injury or death occurs.

Gastric Bypass Malpractice Lawsuit

We know the dangers of gastric bypass surgery complications. We have seen first hand the victims of surgical errors. Our firm has represented victims of Gastric Bypass Malpractice and their families. We have the knowledge and access to the best medical experts to properly evaluate your case and proceed against the responsible parties which are often the surgeon, but many times includes the hospital and staff as well as because they are equally or more liable for your injury or your loved one’s death.

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