$4,600,000.00 - Missouri Medical Malpractice - Settlement

Gastric Bypass Leak St. Louis Missouri Lawyer

Our personal injury lawyers settled a wrongful death case against the hospital, surgeon, and the doctors practice group for $4.6 Million. Confidential Settlement with Hospital that Ran Bariatric Program and Surgeon that Performed Surgery and Follow-up

In 2007, there was a confidential settlement of a medical negligence case. Suit for the alleged negligent failure to timely diagnose and surgically treat complications following a gastric bypass (or stomach staple) procedure, settled for the sum of $3.5 million against the bariatric program of a hospital. Additionally, we settled with the surgeon for his medical malpractice insurance policy limits of $1,000,000.00 and for $100,000.00 from his practice group. The total settlement was $4.6 Million. Per confidentiality agreements names of parties and specifics of the case cannot be revealed.

Arrows on the CT scan picture above show the leaks and the abscess the leaks created. The doctors did not respond to the abnormal findings until it was too late the the patient suffered for months before dying.