Franklin County DWI Case Amended To Careless And Imprudent Driving

Franklin County DWI trial Attorney Gary J. Lauber was retained to represent a client that was charged with DWI in the Circuit Court of Franklin County. The client was pulled over for swerving inside of his lane after he left a friend’s house. The original officer had the client perform the standard field sobriety tests on the side of the road. The client was then forced to do the same field sobriety tests for a second officer on the DWI task force.

Franklin County DWI trial lawyer, Gary Lauber, on cross-examination was able to show at trial that the DWI task force police officer did not understand what he was supposed to look for when conducting the Field Sobriety tests. The DWI charge against the client was amended to a careelss and imprudent driving charge.

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