Driving while on Drugs Leads to Devastating Crash in Illinois

Our clients, the Emersons, are the victims of a terrible St. Louis area car accident caused by what appears to be a drugged driver. The video below is a heartbreaking story of how a alleged drugged driver ruined the birthday celebration of their twin grandchildren’s 1st birthday. Instead of having cake with their grandchildren they were almost killed. They had to be evacuated to local emergency rooms in critical condition. Their grandchildren’s’ 1st birthday cake was smeared all over the inside of their car.

At our personal injury law firm, we will get justice for this family. Additionally, our representation goes beyond the civil case against the at fault driver. In situations involving criminal conduct we make sure the family gets justice and some closure through the criminal justice system. That involves acting as a liaison between the processing attorney’s office. It is important that the family fully understands the process. Additionally, we make sure the family and victims concerns are explained to the prosecuting attorney.

We routinely represent individuals and families whose lives are forever altered as the result of drunk driving accidents, and now the all too common drugged driving accident. We can help you navigate through your medical treatment, dealing with medical bills, and making up for the lost time from work. When you suffer major injuries the last thing you should have to deal with and worry about her medical bills and fighting with insurance companies.

Let us investigate all of the facts surrounding the car accident for you. We go well beyond the police investigation. Including private investigators to interview witnesses, aerial drone footage for use at trial for exhibits, accident reconstruction experts, and background investigation of the negligent driver.

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