Fall at St. Louis Hospital

We represented a 35 year old male that suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of a local hospital and its nurses. We sued the hospital for medical malpractice because our client fell 3 times while a patient in the hospital despite the fact that the nursing staff documented him as a high fall risk. As a result of the injuries sustained in the fall, our client suffered a traumatic brain injury. Prior to the hospitalization, our client was employed as a radioactive health physicist. Our client will never work again as a result of his injuries.

On the day of the patients fall he had been assessed as a high fall risk. The patient got out of bed and the bed alarm was triggered and a nurse responded to his room. The nurse sat the patient back on the edge of the bed and not back into bed, therefore, the bed alarm was not reengaged. The nurse left the patient alone sitting on the side of the bed. More than 10 minutes passed and the patient got up and began walking on his own. No bed alarm went off and the patient fell striking his head and suffering a mid-line shift brain injury. The patient was found in his bed bleeding 15 minutes after the fall by the staff delivering his dinner. Emergency surgery was performed to save the client’s life.

We settled the case for a confidential amount with the hospital.