CDL Licensed Driver Charged With DWI, Special Considerations In Defending Commericial Drivers Charged With DWI

In several cases we have defended CDL licensed drivers charged with DWI in Missouri and Illinois. In many cases our clients are able to maintained their full and complete CDL driving privileges.

Joe L. was one such client, he was a St. Louis Missouri CDL driver charged with DWI and his livelihood was in jeopardy if the Statutory Summary Suspension of his license was allowed to apply based on his failure of field sobriety tests and his BAC was over .08.

CDL drivers often have to fight license actions on multiple fronts regardless if they were stopped while driving a non commercial vehicle. Immediate action is required to maintain CDL driving privileges.

DUI lawyers at Sansone & Lauber got his license suspension dismissed based on improper warnings to Defendant by the police officer. CDL driver kept his license and did not have a single day of suspension or any affect on his license or CDL status. Defendant was granted probation on the criminal charges to avoid a conviction, all other cases were dismissed.