$500,000.00 – St Louis Car Crash – Policy Limits

In October 5022, our injury client was driving on Veterans Memorial Parkway near Cave Springs in St Charles Misosuri.  The negligent driver pulled out into traffic from Cave Springs Road at the intersection of Veterans Memorial causing a T-bone crash.

The MRI of our client’s lumbar spine showed a L3-4 bilobed annular disc herniation abutting the bilateral descending L4 nerve root with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, L4-5 retrolisthesis and a broad-based central disc extrusion abutting the bilateral descending L5 nerve roots with an associated central annular fissue, ligamentum flavum thickening and facet hypertrophy causing bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.  The MRI of his cervical spine showed a C3-4 disc bulge and right neural foraminal disc extrusion causing right neural foraminal narrowing, a C4-5 central to left paracentral disc protrusion, a C5-6 central disc protrusion, a C6-7 broad-based disc herniation, and a C7-T1 broad-based disc herniation.  He was recommended for an L4-5 anterior and posterior surgery.

Once we had all the medical records together, we sent a demand to the insurance company within 60 days they offered all the insurance they had, $500,000 to settle the case without having to file a lawsuit.

Sometimes, car crash injury claims and lawsuits resolve very quickly but sometimes we have to fight them all the way through a jury trial to get our clients full and complete justice through compensation. Whether your case settles quickly or has to go away to a jury trial our law firm will fight the maximum dollar.

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