$225,000.00 - Settlement of $175,000 over Insurance Policy Limits

Brown v Haithcoat, St Louis County, Missouri. In October 2017, our Client is hurt in a  rear end accident.  A driver insured by State Farm Insurance was not paying attention and caused the crash.  Our client was diagnosed with a significant neck injury. The driver had $50,000 in coverage with State Farm.  We made a demand for policy limits of $50,000.   State Farm did not pay the policy limits, therefore, when case was close to trial State Farm paid $225,000.00, well over the insurance policy limits.

This is called an excess judgment or settlement.  State Farm paid $225,000 because they did not settle the case for the $50,000 policy limits when they had the chance.  An experienced injury lawyer knows how to create a claim against the insurance company to force payment over the policy limits.

Our client’s case took longer to resolve, but it was well worth it.  Her case settled for $225,000 instead of limited to the $50,000 auto insurance coverage  the at fault driver had with State Farm.

Experienced Missouri injury lawyers know how to approach a case to set the insurance company up for excess judgments or settlements if they don’t pay the policy limits right away.  Call us for a free consultation. (314) 863-0500.