A Pulse is Worth a Thousand Texts

Everyone has seen the commercials on TV in which a text is displayed and a mourning mother or family member explains that this was the text that their loved one was reading when they crashed and died. Is this ad powerful? Absolutely. Does this ad capture the attention and emotions of its viewers? Of course it does. But is this add successful? No. This ad may cause its viewers to wipe their eyes at its conclusion, but the fact is that 11 teens die each day as a result of texting and driving. Although TV commercials may move an individual to tears, these life-altering messages are easily forgotten when a teen is out on the road and eagerly waiting for a text that discloses the location of this weekend’s party. In order to ensure that teenagers are reminded of the horrific consequences associated with texting and driving, I propose an new concept called the pulse case.

A pulse case is a piece of plastic that will attach to the front of a teen’s phone and cover the screen. The pulse case will display a customized design and message that explains why the driver refuses to risk death by checking their phone. A teenage girl could make this meaningful by putting hearts and her boyfriend’s name on it because she can’t stand the thought of never seeing him again. A teenage guy might put a football and his teammates’ names on it because he wants to be alive and well so he can win a state championship with his teammates. The idea behind all of this is that when the driver is tempted to read or send a text, they are reminded of something meaningful and think of someone who is counting on them to make it home alive.

The pulse case concept has the potential to save lives because it will appeal to teenagers by expressing their individuality and interests. This is essential because in order for an awareness program to be successful it must be personalized to fit an individual’s interests while still supporting a good cause. For example, breast cancer awareness is successful because its signature bright pink color can be applied to a specific occupation or hobby. In the month of October it is not uncommon to find pink fireman hats, pink wide-receiver gloves, pink chef hats and spatulas, or even pink dog leashes. The pulse case will be popular movement because, like breast cancer pink, it will be personalized and trendy.

The pulse case concept is a revolutionary solution to texting and driving. Unlike a generic TV commercial that preaches to teens while they are sitting in their living room, the pulse case will discourage the use of a cell phone while they are out on the road. The generic TV messages will be replaced with a personalized reminder of things and people that they are emotionally attached to. With the help of funding and support, the pulse case has the potential to end texting and driving fatalities.


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