Anytime you get a prescription filled make sure you read the directions that identify what the pill or tablet is supposed to look like, if it does not appear to be the same or you are not sure, double check with the pharmacist before taking that medication.

We are St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers handling medical mistakes as well as pharmacy medical malpractice related to wrong prescriptions. The Missouri pharmacy malpractice cases we have handled have overwhelming been the result of the wrong medication being filled but labeled in the medicine container the patient expected to receive.

Wrong Prescription Lawsuits

We have handled cases where the wrong prescription being filled resulted in severe migraines for several weeks, destruction of vision from the wrong eye drops being filled in the prescription bottle, to heart medication being improperly filled which has led to clients going to the hospital with serious and life threatening complications. In a few unfortunate cases filling the wrong prescription results in death.

Pharmacists Filling Hundreds of Prescriptions a Day

Individual pharmacists fill hundreds if not thousands of prescriptions everyday, this high number of prescriptions results in more negligent or reckless mistakes than you may think. An improperly filled prescription can result in severe injury, hospitalization, or even death. Additionally, it can delay the treatment of the symptoms the correct prescription was meant to alleviate.

Many experts agree that the workload on pharmacists is too high and that pharmacies often do not provide enough technicians or other support staff for the pharmacists to keep up with the demanding workload. Oftentimes they are not only filling prescriptions, but they are also answering the phone and answering customer questions; many times those customer questions are unrelated to the pharmacy. Adequate support staff, clerks, and receptionists are necessary to minimize pharmacist distractions and allow them to concentrate on their job of filling prescriptions and assisting patients with any medicine related questions or concerns.

Wrong Drugs From Pharmacy Most Common Error

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company studies hundreds of pharmacy malpractice incidents and concluded the following were the most common causes of the errors:

  • Wrong Drug Dispensed: 52%
  • Wrong Strength or Dosage: 27%
  • Wrong Directions Given: 7%

For a total of 86% of errors that should have been prevented but were caused by negligent or reckless conduct. Errors that put patients in needless danger. Time constraints and too many distractions have often been given the most credit for the errors. Inadequate staff at the pharmacy to answer patient questions that do not necessarily require the pharmacist to answer. Many pharmacists have complained that retail chains are having them verify unsafe amounts of prescriptions, for very long hours and have voiced formal complaints about patient safety concerns.

Injured by a Wrong Prescription?

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