Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Hillsboro

Sansone supports bike safety groups and associations and advocates for stronger laws to protect bicyclists on Missouri’s roads. His combined legal experience and deep understanding of cycling issues puts him in a unique position to effectively represent victims injured in a bicycle accident as an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

Based on his cycling experience and love of the sport, Sansone passionately represents clients in Missouri and Illinois who have suffered personal injuries resulting from bicycle accidents, or who may be a survivor of a cyclist killed in a road accident as a result of the reckless or negligent driving of a motor vehicle operator.

Why Hillsboro Bike Accident Cases Demand Special Attention

Bicycle accidents present different issues from other types of personal injury cases. While fault in bike accident cases almost always falls on the operator of the motor vehicle, motorists and even law enforcement officials may attempt to shift blame to the cyclist.

To guarantee a fair trial, your bicycle accident lawyer must pay careful attention to jury selection and effectively address a common bias against cyclists sharing the road. Injuries suffered as the result of a bicycle accident are almost always severe and require aggressive representation by a Hillsboro personal injury lawyer that understands the view and rights of cyclists.

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What are my Legal Rights after a Bike Accident in Hillsboro?

Sansone is a member of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation Legislative Committee and the firm is bronze level sponsor of that group.

If you have suffered injuries because of a bike accident involving a motor vehicle, you are probably wondering if your legal rights are any different from operators or passengers in motor vehicles. In short, the answer is no.

Bicyclists enjoy the same legal rights as motor vehicle operators and passengers. The law of negligence in Missouri and Illinois applies equally to bikers, meaning they have the same rights of way as motor vehicles, and operators of motor vehicles must keep a lookout for bicyclists and pedestrians just as they would other motor vehicles to prevent car accidentsmotorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. Most bike accidents result because of the inattention of motor vehicle drivers, or even their deliberate failure to yield the right of way. When an accident involving a motor vehicle and bicycle occurs, ask yourself if there would be any question about who was at fault if the bike had been a car. The answer is usually no.

Our Bicycle Accident Attorney in Hillsboro Can Help You Now

Sansone & Lauber Injury Attorneys handle all types of bicycle accident cases, representing bicyclists in Missouri and Illinois who have suffered serious injuries because of the carelessness of motor vehicle drivers. We have obtained numerous verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, including:

  • $300,000 settlement for a Missouri biker rear ended by a pick up driver despite wearing reflective clothing and legally traveling on the proper part of the roadway
  • $200,000 settlement for a St. Louis bicyclist struck by a pick up truck that failed to yield the right of way in a designated bicycle lane
  • $100,000 settlement for St. Louis biker struck by a Hummer H2 after it went through a stop sign and failed to yield the right of way to the cyclist
  • $50,000 settlement for a Washington University student struck by a hit-and-run driver while she was cycling in St. Louis

Important Issues a Hillsboro Bicycle Accident Lawyer Knows About Bike Accident Cases

Bias against bicyclists. Many lawyers, witnesses, insurance adjusters, and, most importantly, jurors have an initial dislike of bicyclists. This bias must be overcome quickly to guarantee a favorable result in bike accident injury case. Attorney Sansone has been a bicycling enthusiast for many years. He competed in numerous amateur bike races during college. He has experienced first-hand the dislike and hostility many motor vehicle drivers have for bicyclists. Cars on several occasions have struck attorney Ben Sansone while he was bicycling, although luckily he suffered no injuries.

Many motor vehicle operators dislike bicyclists because they feel bikers hog the road, or have no right to share the road. Many personal injury lawyers do not fully appreciate this bias, if they are even aware of it, or they even may have the same bias. Attorney Sansone has seen how this bias can severely undercut a bicyclist’s personal injury claim.

Overcoming this prejudice requires a passionate, dedicated pursuit of a bike injury case. Attorney Sansone with his appreciation of the cyclist’s perspective, not only understands the legal issues he also understands how to effectively address witnesses and jurors so they gain empathy for the injured cyclist.

Eyewitnesses and police reports. Police officers may create accident reports that favor the motor vehicle driver as to who was at fault, or are neutral on liability, even when witness accounts put the blame on the driver of the car. Clearly conveying the facts of an accident to the police as early as possible after the accident can help build a stronger personal injury case. Obtaining the cooperation from witnesses immediately following the accident is also very helpful as memories fade over time.

Attorney Sansone handled a case involving a bicyclist who was seriously injured when the driver in a truck cut her off after quickly overtaking her and making a right turn. The truck driver said he saw the cyclist but that she fell on her own well after he made the turn.

The police officer ignored the biker’s version, and submitted the report indicating the accident was the cyclist’s fault. Additionally, the reporting officer failed to include in the report the name and statement of an eyewitness. Hillsboro personal injury lawyer Ben Sansone after taking the case when several other lawyers declined it, tracked down the witness who supported his client’s version of the bicycle crash and exposed the negligent driver’s lies. Attorney Sansone won at trial after receiving no settlement offer from the driver’s insurance company.

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