In many cases, a medical malpractice lawsuit can be settled satisfactorily for the plaintiff without going to court.

Doctors and hospitals have insurance for legal claims. In many cases, the insurer would rather pay a settlement than go through the time, expense and bad publicity of fighting a strong claim.

In Illinois, a medical malpractice case must go to mediation, which can help settlement negotiations. Illinois plaintiffs may choose either a Circuit Court judge who is not the trial judge, or a neutral party from the private sector to mediate their case. Missouri does not require mediation. However, it is available as an alternative to litigation.

Of course, a settlement offer must be acceptable to you. A Sansone & Lauber attorney can advise you, but the final decision will be yours. If a settlement cannot be reached, you have a right to have your day in court.

We always prepare our cases as if they are going to court. This gives us leverage in settlement negotiations and allows us to be ready for trial.

We can walk you through what to expect in court and make sure there are no surprises. From the very start of your relationship with Sansone & Lauber, we will respond to your questions and concerns promptly and make sure you are never left to wonder what is going on with your case.