Construction Site Injury Cases often involve personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims. We are experienced at maximizing recovery on both ends.

Construction personnel are often exposed to very dangerous work environments, more so than most any other industry. We are Missouri and Illinois construction accident injury lawyers. Construction accidents and injuries usually are caused from simple errors in judgment, defective construction equipment, falls from high areas such as a roof, iron cross walk, or scaffold, struck by falling debris, construction material, or even construction machinery. Additionally, construction accidents are often caused by defective or unsafe equipment, explosions, and electrocution injuries.

Construction Injury Cases we have handled recently

One case we handled recently was a fatal fall from a water tower as the result of a defective lanyard. We held the contractor and the equipment manufacturer liable. Another case we recently handled was a serious injury as the result of a defective crane and a negligent crane operator causing a heavy load to fall on a construction worker seriously injuring her. She was able to pursue a Missouri Worker’s Compensation claim as well as support an independent cause of action against the crane operator and his employer.

As experienced Missouri and Illinois construction accident lawyers, we know the health and financial difficulties faced by you and your family after an injury. Let Sansone & Lauber Injury Lawyers, the St. Louis Missouri construction accident lawyers handle your case so you can focus on your health and your family.

Personal injury and wrongful death occurs in Missouri and Illinois as the result of construction accidents often. Accidents and injury on a construction site is often the result of many problems, including insufficient safety inspections and OSHA violations. Legally, the owner and general contractors are duty-bound to keep construction areas safe. We are experienced in all areas of St. Louis construction site accidents and injuries.