1.  I will never give anyone a written, recorded or oral statement about my situation (accident facts, claim, injury) without consent of my attorney.
  2. I will never sign any release or any agreement pertaining to my claim without consent of my attorney.
  3. I will use my health insurance or health plan to cover all medical, chiropractor or other health care services rendered to me because of the accident or incident.
  4. If I received some health care services prior to reviewing this sheet, I will make sure those accident related bills are submitted to my health insurance or plan.
  5. If a health care provider refused to submit their bills to my plan or claims not to be a plan provider, I will refuse treatment and call my attorney.
  6. It is my responsibility to make sure that my health plan pays my medical bills as it is supposed to pay. If my health insurer or plan rejects any bill or any portion of a bill other than for my deductible or standard percentage share, I will advise my attorney of the reasons given.
  7. If anyone calls m about my claim, I will obtain their name, employer, who they represent and their phone number and provide this information to my attorney.
  8. I will follow my physicians’ Instructions regarding follow-up or I will discuss this situation with my attorneys.
  9. I will contact my attorneys when I am released from treatment or as otherwise instructed.
  10. If cannot reach my St. Louis personal injury attorney, I will leave a voice mail message with my name and a phone number where I can be reached.