You may have a legal claim for the delayed diagnosis of your cancer. Misdiagnosing cancer is a serious medical error, particularly when valuable treatment time has been lost.

Unfortunately, missed or delayed diagnosis of disease and other medical problems is a common medical error. In too many cases, it is an error caused by a physician’s negligence.

We suggest that you have an experienced malpractice attorney help you gather your medical records so they can be reviewed by an independent medical professional. Questions we would want answered include:

  • Did you present symptoms that should have alerted your doctor to the possibility of cancer?
  • Did your doctor order the appropriate tests based on your symptoms?
  • If tests were ordered and conducted, were the results interpreted and communicated correctly?
  • Would prompt diagnosis and intervention have made a difference in your prognosis?

A Sansone & Lauber medical malpractice attorney can work with you and investigate your case for free. If we identify a preventable error by your physician, we will pursue just compensation.