$1,750,000.00 - VERDICT, St. Louis Motorcycle Injury

Partner Brent was lead trial lawyer representing a motorcyclist. The motorcycle accident was caused by a driver that made a left turn in front of the cyclist. The motorcyclist suffered a broken pelvis. This was a challenging case for many reasons. The insurance company lawyers defending the at fault driver highlighted to the jury the injured motorcyclist’s extensive criminal record. They want the case to be about his past, not the accident or injuries.

Our injury trial lawyers were able to get the jury to look past an individuals background and focus on the motorcycle accident injury. We were successful in making the trial about the motorcyclists injuries. The verdict amount needed to make up for the harms and losses suffered by the motorcyclist as a result of the carelessness and negligence of the at fault driver.

The issues the jury needs to focus on needs to start in jury selection and be discussed throughout the case. But knowing how to win a case starts months if not years before the actual trial. Several focus groups were held to narrow the important issues and get the public’s reaction to them. Focus groups are one of the strongest tools a trial lawyer has when getting ready for a jury trial.

Our personal injury law firm routinely holds focus groups to focus the issues and facts important to the citizens of our community. This helps us know what issues really matter to the people and not just to the lawyers working on the case. This has great benefit to our clients and is above and beyond what most lawyers do in preparing their cases for trial.

The jury returned a verdict of $1.75 million. Before trial the defense offered a couple hundred thousand dollars to settle.

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