Product Liability After Recall of Hasbro "Easy-Bake" Oven

Due to the risk of burn injuries and other personal injury risks, the classic “Easy-Bake” oven manufactured and distributed by Hasbro for over 40 years has been recalled. All ovens produced since May 2006, about 1 million, have been recalled as there is a risk that children will get their hands or limbs caught in the door due to its design. Additionally, many children have suffered burns.

The oven has been linked to approximately 280 incidents where kids kids get their hands and limbs caught in the door. There are also reported cases of partial amputation.

Suntimes Article On Product Liability Recall

This reminds me of a similar injury case we currently have pending. Our client’s daughter was 6 years old when she lacerated her cornea using a toy kitchen set knife. Upon inspection the plastic toy kitchen knife was serrated and actually quite sharp. The design should have been a blunt or very dull edge and the injury to her eye would not have occurred.

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