$ Confidential - Nursing Malpractice & Burns

Nursing negligence caused my client to suffer 2nd Degree burns on his legs when a home health nurse negligently allowed his shower water to get too hot. Daniels is parapalegic and needs assistance in and out of the shower which includes the duty to set the water temperature, especially due to Daniel’s lack of feeling in his legs.

As a result Daniels was treated for his burns and endured several infections through the burns causing a significant impact on his health. We were able to secure a significant settlement for Daniels just a few weeks before trial and after consistent zero offer from the insurance company as they claimed Daniels burned himself for monetary gain and that he lacked feeling in his legs and therefore suffered only a little.

Our medical expert was highly critical of the procedure the home health nurse followed and her lack of oversight during the shower preparation process. The grueling discovery process finally revealed enough evidence to show that despite any desperate claims of self infliction of the wounds, there was so much evidence of negligence established by us that they had to settle or risk a potential multi million dollar verdict after a trial.