$55,000.00 - Settlement for Knee Injury

My client, Kevin, was involved in a St. Louis Missouri car and truck accident after the driver of a truck lost control of his vehicle on Highway 44 near Antire Road in St. Louis County. The driver that lost control of his truck and hit my client’s car claimed a large semi truck caused the accident by cutting him off and causing him to lose control of his truck and thus striking my client’s car. The collision caused my client to lose control of his vehicle, spin out, and hit the median.

As the result of the two truck drivers’ negligence, Kevin sustained a knee injury consisting of a torn meniscus cartilage. This injury required minor surgery and physical therapy amounting to about $14,000 in medical bills.

A claim was made against the insurer for the pickup driver, Progressive Insurance, and my client’s uninsured motorist coverage, Fireman’s Fund, to cover the negligence of the unidentified semi truck driver. Many personal injury lawyers would have only made a claim against the primary truck driver as the only evidence of the large semi truck driver’s negligence was the pickup driver’s own statement to the police about the semi truck cutting him off.

Aggressive pursuit of my client’s primary claim and the pursuit of the uninsured motorist claim yielded a result over and above the primary at fault driver’s insurance limit of $25,000. Instead we were able to recover additional amounts over the $25,000 insurance limit and ultimately recover a $55,000 personal injury settlement for our client.

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