Lawsuit Says St. Louis Citizens Sprayed With Radioactive Chemicals In Secret Military Experiment

According to a recent report by a professor at St. Louis Community College, the United States military conducted top-secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri for years, going so far as exposing them to radioactive compounds.

The researcher, Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, said that while it has long been known that the government sprayed supposedly harmless zinc cadmium sulfide particles over St. Louis, she claims that a radioactive additive was also mixed with the compound.

Martino-Taylor says she has found detailed descriptions as well as photographs of the spraying which exposed the unwitting public, predominantly in low-income and minority communities, to radioactive particles. In her research, she found that the greatest concentration of spraying in St. Louis took place at the Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex, which was home to 10,000 low-income residents. She said that 70% of those residents were children under the age of 12.

Despite the extent of the experiment, local politicians were never notified about the chemical content of the testing. The people of St. Louis were instead only told that the Army was testing smoke screens to protect cities from a Russian attack.

Now that details have emerged of the chemical testing, a recent lawsuit filed in City Court says that the agriculture giant Monsanto and others conspired with the military to secretly poison residents of St. Louis with toxic chemicals.

The plaintiff, Benjamin Phillips Sr., claims defendants Monsanto, Parsons Government Services and SRI International participated in a study beginning in 1953 that lasted into the 1960s. Phillips claims the study, known as the “Involuntary Chemical Study on PI Residents”, was conducted around the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St. Louis.

Phillips, who lived at Pruitt-Igoe at the time of the experiment, claims the chemicals caused emotional and psychological trauma and harm as well as unspecified personal injury. Phillips is seeking actual and punitive damages for public nuisance, liability, intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery.

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