Highway 40 At Mason Road - Rear End Collision At Highway Speed

St. Louis Injury lawyer was contacted after Zhelev, who was traveling on eastbound highway 40 and stopped due to traffic congestion, was struck from behind by a negligent driver who told the police that she “was falling asleep at the wheel and could not stop”. Additionally, the officer that responded to the St. Louis Missouri car accident stated “it appeared that vehicle #1 [the at fault driver] did not brake prior to impact.” To further emphasize the severity of the impact, the cars were on an uphill grade when the car accident and collision occurred. Clearly, a St. Louis injury lawyer would agree with the officer and argue the brakes were never touched.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a great car accident resource with videos showing the body movement in car and truck collisions. Clearly, the side picture evidences the sever impact my client suffered, as the entire trunk and rear end of his Nissan Altima was crushed in as a result of the car accident and rear end collision.

According to the National Transportation and Safety Board’s (NTSB) most recent statistics, over 6 million crashes occurred in the U.S., killing more than 41,000 people and injuring about 3.4 million. Rear-end collisions accounted for almost one-third of these crashes (1.848 million) and 11.8 percent of multi-vehicle fatal crashes (1,923). Moreover, 40% of the fatal rear end accidents involved commercial vehicles, mainly large trucks causing these deaths.

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