$100,000.00 - Fenton Missouri Intersection Crash

Brandon was represented by the personal injury lawyers at our office who recovered $100,000 (limits of all insurance) on his behalf after being involved in an intersection truck accident in St. Louis near the intersection of Highway 44 and Bowles Avenue in Fenton Missouri. Our client was the passenger in a vehicle when the driver of that vehicle ran a stop sign causing a T-bone collision with a  tractor-trailer truck. A diagram of the truck accident scene is below.

Our client was taken to Mercy Hospital for injuries to his ribs. He was sent home where he missed several weeks of work recovering from his injuries. Within just a few months from the date of the truck accident we were able to force the insurance company for the driver of the pickup truck, American Family Insurance, to pay out all insurance coverage that they had, which was $100,000.

This was an excellent settlement for our client. Allegations that the driver was drinking along with the reckless conduct of running a stop sign gave us the leverage settle this case quickly and for a very high value with the real threat of bringing a drunken-driving accident lawsuit.

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