$75,000.00 - Auto Accident with Head Injury

In October 2009, St. Louis personal injury lawyer Ben Sansone was retained by Tiffany H. to pursue a Missouri injury claim against the negligent driver’s auto insurance after a rear end style collision occurring after she slowed for traffic on Highway 40 and the other driver not paying attention slammed into her vehicle.

Tiffany suffered from a minor head injury diagnosed as post concussion syndrome, additionally, she suffered from back and neck injuries requiring physical therapy and pain management.

Tiffany’s medical bills totaled around $15,000 and her injuries resolved. Missouri head injury lawyer, Ben Sansone was able to get a settlement for $75,000 by focusing on the head injury portion of the claim. Tiffany’s head injury has resolved, however, experienced brain injury lawyers know how to pursue theses types of cases to secure maximum recovery, even when the head injury is relatively minor and resolves after several months.

This case demonstrates how a case that is perceived as a small injury case can be successfully pursued and settlement for a significant amount more given the proper approach and emphasis on head injury.

Attorney Ben Sansone is located in St. Louis and handles Illinois and Missouri head injury cases including PCS, post concussion syndrome, TBI, traumatic brain injury, and other head injury cases stemming from car crashes, work injuries, or other acts of negligence. Contact Ben Sansone now for a free consultation.