Choice Of Doctor Under Missouri Workers' Compensation

As an injured employee, you have probably never dealt with the work comp system, do not let the work comp insurance company and their representatives take advantage of you, you need an experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorney who will be able to ensure you get the necessary medical treatment, off work benefits or “TTD” Pay, and compensation for your injuries.

In order to have access to the work comp courts to protect your rights, it is very important to file a formal claim for Missouri Workers’ Compensation early on after your injury. Once a formal claim has been filed you have access to the work comp division for any redress for disputes with the employer’s work comp insurance regarding medical treatment, TTD pay, return to work, or any other disputes that may arise.

As a Missouri work comp lawyer, a question I receive frequently is, “why can’t I choose my own doctor?” Missouri Worker’s Compensation Law, Missouri Statute 287.140.1 states that the Missouri employer is required to provide “medical, surgical, chiropractic, and hospital treatment, including nursing, custodial, ambulance and medicines” as may be reasonably required by the Missouri employee who suffered personal injury while on the job. Missouri work comp statute 287.140 goes on to say that the Missouri work comp insurance must pay for this treatment, deductibles, reasonable traveling expenses (up to 250 miles each way), and ongoing medical examinations.

If you are not satisfied with your treatment and have a need or desire to go to another provider, you are obligated to pay all costs, Missouri Statute 287.140.13. It is imperative that you call an experienced St. Louis Missouri Work Comp lawyer to see if your employer will agree to refer you to another physician. In event that they refuse to agree to this referral, you have the option, after a work comp claim has been filed with the Missouri Board of Industrial Relations, to schedule a hearing before an administrative judge to discuss your options. Or you and your attorney can find a physician’s office that will allow you to receive the medical treatment that you need on a lien basis.

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