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West of St Louis in St Charles County, Missouri, a bus was involved in an accident with 2 motorcycles.  It appears the bus driver was hurt and the 2 motorcyclists were killed.   The cause is under  investigation but it seems that this may have been the result of the bus driver not seeing the motorcycles and cutting them off.    See news video of bus crash scene here.

Bus and 2 Motorcycles Crash in St Charles County, Missouri

Bus and 2 Motorcycles Crash in St Charles County, Missouri

St Louis personal injury lawyers Sansone, Sumner & Lauber  have very successfully represented victims of motorcycle crashes across Missouri and Illinois.   Last year we recovered insurance policy limits in a case where a bike rider was making a left turn, his motorcycle stalled and an oncoming driver did not slow or stop.  

Many motorcycle accidents are avoidable and occur due to driver inattention.  Drivers often just don’t see a motorcycle, very similar to bicycle collisions which often happen for the same reasons.     As a bike rider, motorcyclist, and personal injury attorney, I am keenly aware what injuries can occur and often do occur when a driver does not pay attention to you.

  • A bike rider must always assume that a driver does not see you!

When I am riding I always assume that and try to think 5-10 seconds ahead of what could happen if the car, bus or truck suddenly turns, passes me closely, runs a red light, rolls a stop sign, etc…. After being in a motorcycle accident and suffered a head injury from it, I ride with these thoughts just about every time and they have kept me safe.

I have written several articles about bike safety, these apply to both bicycles and motorcycles.  See Bike Safety Articles.

If you have been involved in a bike accident or a family member has been hurt important steps to take immediately:

  • Obviously, call police and seek medical treatment asap.
  • Make sure witnesses are identified, police usually do this in their report, but they also often miss witnesses or do not put their information in the report. So if you are at the accident scene or can talk to a witness make sure to get their name and number.
  • Almost all of us have a smartphone with a camera.  Take pictures of the crash scene, take pictures of the injuries, take pictures of anything to document the accident or injuries.
  • Most smartphones can record audio, use it to record conversations with anyone about the crash.  Many times these type of accidents cause head and brain injuries, record conversations about the accident to help you remember later.
  • Do not talk to any auto insurance companies.   You are not ready to talk to them and they will record their conversation with you. Statements will be taken out of context or you may say something that hurts your potential case and not even realize it.
  • Call a lawyer.

In the above mentioned Wentzville motorcycle accident, a good lawyer knows that witness statements are very important.   Did anyone see the bus turn in front of the motorcycles? if so how fast did they appear to be going, how far were they from the bus when it turned?    What did they see, what did they hear? Horns honk, skidding?

Bike accidents can be very fact specific cases, meaning one little fact or witness statement could make the difference between a jury believing it is the bus driver’s fault or the motorcycle driver’s fault. Additionally, it has been my experience that most witnesses tend to instinctively blame a bike rider when an accident occurs.   Almost everyone drives a car, relatively, very few people ride motorcycle and bikes; therefore, most witnesses will subconsciously identify with the car driver over the bike rider. These means accurate witness statements and legal investigation is critical and must be done as early as possible.

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