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Our St. Louis truck accident lawyers report on a multi-vehicle collision on the I-44.

When cars are travelling at interstate speeds in traffic, rear-end collisions are more likely to trigger chain reaction accidents because of the impact. A recent accident in St. Louis County is a prime example. A 29-year-old Catawissa, Missouri man was seriously injured when his car was pinned underneath a tractor trailer in a multi-vehicle accident that began with a rear end collision.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol report, Craig Mangan of Catawissa, Missouri was seriously injured and trapped in his car underneath a tractor trailer on I-44 after being struck from behind by another car on April 3.

The three vehicles involved in the accident were travelling west on the interstate near Bowles Avenue in Fenton about 5 p.m. April 3 and Mangan slowed for traffic congestion. A Chevrolet Aveo driven by Joshua Kaiser of Dittmer, Missouri was unable to slow down in time to avoid a collision and struck the rear of Mangan’s vehicle, pushing it underneath a Kenworth Tractor Trailer driven by John Murifitt of West Jordan, Utah, according to the Highway Patrol.

Firefighters had to extract Mangan from the crushed Plymouth Laser, according to a KMOV news report. Mangan was transported by helicopter to the Mercy Hospital St. Louis in Creve Coeur. The driver of the other car had minor injuries and was treated by emergency medical technicians at the scene and declined further treatment. The driver was the tractor trailer was uninjured.

After such a terrifying accident, it’s understandable for an accident victim to be grateful to be alive. At the same time, it’s important after serious accidents involving large trucks to have an experienced Missouri car accident lawyer review the specifics and explain your legal options. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of paying medical bills for injuries that were caused by another driver.

Most people have never had to deal with the complications of a multi-vehicle accident or collision involving a large truck. The accident illustrates the well-recognized structural incompatibility of large trucks and smaller passenger vehicles. This incompatibility puts at risk the occupants of the smaller vehicles in an accident. Because of the height difference, a car may slide under the rear bumper or side of a large truck trailer, crush the passenger compartment. In some instances, a car pinned beneath a truck may be dragged a distance by an 18 wheeler.

Missouri law, injury victims are entitled to be made whole in accidents caused by the negligence of another driver. Drivers in Missouri are required to operate their vehicles safely at all times.

In multi vehicle accidents, a motorist injured through the fault of another driver or multiple drivers may be eligible to obtain compensation to cover hospital bills, ongoing physical therapy, lost wages and pain and suffering associated with injuries in an accident.

A good car accident lawyer will investigate the accident to determine all the contributing factors and all the potentially liable parties. It may be possible to claim compensation from the insurance companies of multiple drivers. In cases that go to trial, Missouri comparative fault law apportions damages among all the parties who are found negligent in an accident.

An experienced car accident attorney will gather evidence to support a strong claim for compensation and negotiate a full settlement with the insurance companies so that the accident victim can focus on their recovery.

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