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Pioneer Road curve - Hillsboro Missouri

Sansone Law has been retained to represent the family of a 17 year old girl that was tragically killed when a teenage driver ran off the road killing the front seat passenger and critically injuring the back seat passenger. KSDK News Story. The negligent and reckless driver decided to go well over 70 MPH on Pioneer Road in Hillsboro Missouri (just outside St Louis County). The speed limit on that road is 40 MPH, for obvious reasons, it is a narrow and curvy road. The picture above is the stretch of road showing the turn the driver tried to come around at 70 MPH in and older model Ford Contour, he took the turn wide and another car was coming from the other direction, he over corrected and ended up crashing the car into trees off the road and down a hill. The surviving passenger has stated she felt as if they were airborne.

This tragic Jefferson county car accident resulted in the death of the front side passenger and severe injury to the backseat passenger, who recalls the she and the deceased passenger were begging the driver to slow down. Upon a cursory review through Missouri Casenet this driver has been charged with several other traffic citations prior to this Missouri car crash.

The Jefferson County prosecutor’s office has charged the driver with the Missouri state charge of involuntary manslaughter, a class D Felony. Much to the disappointment of the family, he was quickly released on a $3,500 bond; quite low considering he caused the St Louis Missouri area wrongful death of one young girl and the severe and permanently debilitating personal injuries to the back seat passenger.

Missouri wrongful death car crash

There are many details and aspects of this Missouri wrongful death case that I would like to discuss as a Missouri personal injury lawyer, however, I will have to post these aspects of the Jefferson county wrongful death case at a later date as the investigation and claims are ongoing. I would ask that we all keep the young girl’s family in our prayers and pray for the health and wellness of her young one year old son that has survived her.

I traveled down pioneer road several times today, and it is a narrow road, I was driving my Porsche 911 C4S (a car made to take tight turns at high speed), and at 70 MPH that curve was challenging, clearly in an older model Ford Contour 70 MPH on that road is simply crazy recklessness beyond a simple accident; moreover, the roads were wet that night. On behalf of the mother and surviving infant son, I will pursue Missouri personal injury claims of wrongful death against the driver based on negligence and gross recklessness justifying the imposition of Missouri punitive damages.

St Louis Post Dispatch Article by Robert Kelly – Jeffco Teen Driver Charged in Passenger’s Death

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